Voice Acting

John Robert Matz

Composer for MEDIA and CONCERT HALL

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Welcome to the other side of my creativity.  It’s good to have you.

I’ve done VO work for a variety of projects, from student short films, to indie games, to promo videos, and I’m finally getting a moment to put together a home for it here, on the web.  Think of this as a placeholder, until a proper, shinier page with credits is ready.

Here’s a smattering of what I can do:

I have my own recording setup, so if you aren’t located in the Chicagoland area, I’m more than happy to work remotely.  In addition to the voices heard above, I’m quite adept at accents, dialects, “alien”/unusual voices, and vocal sounds. 

In addition, I’m involved in an ongoing web-radio drama, “The Wizzard of Great Renown”.  It’s recorded live with an ensemble cast of fantastic voice actors; listen to it above!

If you’ve any special requests, questions, or business inquiries, please let me know at JRNMatz (AT) Gmail.com